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Survey Design, Validation, and Deployment

Survey design

Survey design is a science and often requires a psychometrician to get it right. Upfront, we strongly recommend our clients find a standardized survey rather than try to develop their own. We maintain hundreds on file that require no permission and have been thoroughly validated. However, in the event that you must create your own survey we can help. A properly developed survey can take significant time to address all the issues related to validity. For example, survey developers must consider face, content, construct, and criterion validity. Further, they must thoughtfully develop response item scaling to match study design and ensure item convergent and divergent validity.

Developing your own survey can take weeks, but it can be done right with our help

Research Panel for Testing

Our panel can also be used for your primary dissertation provided a participant fit is available. The professional fee for this service depends on number of participants needed, but is a viable option for some researchers.

Pilot Testing

We can also assist with pilot testing your survey using our research panel. This panel consists of a variety of professionals and individuals throughout the United States. We can help target your study to the right individuals so results are meaningful and applicable.

Survey Deployment

We have helped hundreds deploy their survey using Survey Monkey or similar online tool. Usually, set up only takes a few hours and we guarantee your responses will be accurate and measurable. This option provides the researcher with "peace of mind," knowing that the data collected will be measured appropriately and seamlessly transferred to an Excel or SPSS file.

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