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Research Questions

Stage 1:

Just Getting Started (Prospectus)

Guided by your topic and design preference (Quantitative, Qualitative) we can efficiently assist you with developing the structural components of your dissertation. To do this quickly you need an experienced methodologists/statistician to assist in creating RQs and Hypotheses and help you factor in study design, population, statistical technique, instrumentation, sample size requirements, and sampling procedure. need to build a solid foundation first

To minimize costs and provide an affordable option, we have created a package that includes assisting with development of:

Dissertation Foundation
Dissertation Foundation Deliverables
  • Define Survey Requirements

  • Define Statistical Technique

  • Define and Link variables to type of Statistics

  • Draft Data Analysis Procedures

  • Full evaluation of what's next to complete your proposal or prospectus

  • Define Problem Statement

  • Define Research Questions/Hypotheses

  • Define and Draft Methodological Design

  • Define Sample Population

  • Draft Sampling Procedure

  • Sample Size Requirements (power analysis)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This package includes full support at no extra charge: $850.00

This package usually fits 80% of our clients; however, if this package does not work for you, we'll be happy to assist in customizing a package to fit your specific needs. Once this is complete, you'll have a strong foundation by which to complete your prospectus or proposal.

Naturally, we guarantee our work, but we can't guarantee committee approval given all the possible factors that may affect approval. However, we will work with you, usually at no extra cost, if your proposal comes back with changes required.