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Research Proposal

Stage 2:

Dissertation Proposal

The Proposal stage is the hardest and most time consuming of all. Once you get this written and approved, the Results and Discussion chapters can be completed fairly quickly. Often, clients will get stuck in some part of the Proposal and need help to resolve specific issues. This is where we can provide invaluable assistance and perhaps save you considerable time and money. If your proposal has been kicked back from your committee or school, we can often fix it up in just a few days.

This is where we can provide invaluable assistance and perhaps save you considerable time and money!

Dissertation Process
Research Proposal Process
  • APA Editing, Organization, Structure

  • Methodological Design

  • Instrument/Survey Design & Validation

  • Prospectus development for committee review

  • Refine proposal (chapter 1, 2 and 3) for submission and approvals

Professional Fee

Naturally, a pre-defined package does not work well in the aforementioned situation, but our rates are always affordable. If you are in a situation like this you will need to send your proposal for review so we can quote a professional fee.

US PhDs with committee and chair experience!

Client Example

Recently, a client had her proposal returned by her mentor for several reasons including statistical design problems, problems with hypotheses, problems with linking variables to her survey, and problems with the data analysis section. With our assistance, we were able to clean up the entire 100 page proposal in just two days for a very affordable fee. She was thrilled with our accurate and prompt service and even more thrilled when her proposal was approved.

Proposal Stage Experience

We have helped hundreds of clients complete and successfully defend their proposal. The reason why we have such a high success rate is because our professors have US PhDs with committee and chair experience.

Further, we work as a team (APA Editor, Methodologists, & Statisticians) to get it done accurately the first time.