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The retreat is uniquely designed to keep you on track and productive.

Your retreat includes:

  • Pre-assessment of your dissertation and comprehensive plan to complete it
  • Your cohort group will be assigned a statistician and methodologist to help you design and craft a solid research study
  • Access to writing support experts to help you quickly draft chapters of your dissertation
  • Access to statisticians to help run analyses and interpret results
  • Editors and APA specialist available if needed
  • One-on-one mentoring to ensure progress is made and goals are achieved
  • Comfortable surroundings in a retreat-like setting so you can concentrate without interruptions

Dissertation Retreat

Complete your Dissertation in 3 days

Attend the Dissertation Retreat and you'll finish fast. The PhD Retreat team will help you refocus and make significant progress on your dissertation in a very short time.

  • Comprehensive support. We assess your needs, set goals, and guide you through the process
  • One-on-one coaching with a statistician, methodologist and editor
  • Expert guidance and support from our writing support team
  • Warm comfortable surroundings, no-nonsense results
  • 3 day Conference is only $1599.00-includes:
  1. Full access to expert counselors
  2. Custom schedule designed around a cohort program
  3. Full pre-assessment of your dissertation
  4. Comprehensive plan specifically designed to help you meet your goals
  5. Evening reception and planned activities (some fun after the brutal day)

[NEW] Or choose the 2 day option (Sat and Sun only)

How Many Months Have You Spent?

Writing a dissertation is a difficult task that can take years to complete. In fact, research show that more than 75% of all PhD candidates take longer than a year to complete their dissertation. And, this figure increases if you're getting a degree from an e-school. But, if you're like most of us, time and money are limited commodities that must be judiciously allocated. Wasting time and money on extension courses because you haven't finished is a dreadful affair. Thus, if you're looking to complete your prospectus/proposal or finish several chapters of your dissertation NOW, we can help. We've created the first 3-day accelerated dissertation writing service program that provides custom, comprehensive dissertation mentoring in a retreat like setting. Just spend 3 days with us and you'll make significant progress on your prospectus, proposal or dissertation-no wasted time, no wasted money.

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What Happens at the Retreat:

Before the day begins, your cohort group will enjoy breakfast together. After breakfast you will meet with your personal coach to go over the "PHD" plan created specifically for you.

Once all your questions have been answered, you will start writing specific sections of your paper-one block at a time. You will have specific goals to meet and will have access to your coach throughout the day. Editors will be available to edit your paper and APA formatting will also be available if needed.

At midday, you will have an opportunity to share a meal with your cohort group. You will likely discuss how much progress you have made in just a few hours.

After lunch, you will start writing again with full support from our staff. Your individual coach will check in periodically to assess your progress, answer any questions you have and assist with data analysis and editing, as needed.

The day comes to a close with goal assessment. Don't worry though, almost everyone meets their daily goals. However, if for some reason goals are not met, we assess the reasons and adapt accordingly. Bottom line, you will succeed.